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Solar Power in Ontario

The solar farms that Penn has developed in Ontario employ stationary photovoltaic (PV) modules installed in fields on fixed racks oriented towards the Southern sky. They have no moving parts, emit no waste or emissions and are virtually silent in operation. These solar farms produce clean power during the hours of the day when it is most needed (on-peak) and do so in a way that is infinitely sustainable. Although there are various solar technologies in use in different parts of the world, Penn’s focus in Ontario is exclusively on the development of solar farms using stationary PV modules employing leading crystalline silicon technology because of the advantages of PV technology over other forms of power generation. A solar PV farm consumes no water at any point in the power production cycle and has minimal impact upon the lands upon which it is installed. Most of the lands remain open. The solar project can usually follow existing grades and the only point of contact between each array of solar panels and the earth are the posts upon which the array is mounted. This means that there is virtually no change to the way that water flows on the site.

Community-based solar PV farms can be located where energy is needed to power our homes, businesses and schools. This is part of a power generation strategy known as Distributed Generation. This strategy has significant benefits. It reduces energy losses associated with transporting electricity over long distances and reduces congestion on the transmission grid by sourcing energy where it is needed. Following the principles of Distributed Generation, Penn’s projects connect to the electrical distribution lines that already exist to serve the community. These medium-voltage distribution lines are typically mounted on single poles and already located alongside existing roads to bring power to the community. Large-scale, high-voltage transmission lines and big transmission structures are not required. 

Penn is an active participant in the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s Feed In Tariff Program (FIT). The IESO is seeking to: diversify Ontario’s  power supply; promote the development of clean renewable power sources in Ontario; phase-out the operation of the Province’s coal-fired power plants; and boost economic activity and employment within Ontario by encouraging renewable energy companies to enter and/or expand in the Ontario market to create jobs and make Ontario a leader in the renewable energy industry. The FIT program has extensive domestic content requirements for the equipment, materials, labor and other aspects of these projects which must be obtained from within Ontario in order to promote the development of manufacturing, investment and employment in the renewable energy industry in Ontario.

Penn's solar farm projects are located throughout the Province, but primarily in Southern and Eastern Ontario where the vast majority of the power is consumed. The IESO has entered into contracts with Penn for the delivery of clean, renewable, solar power from seven of Penn’s operational solar farm sites. Here is a list of Penn’s operational Solar Farm Projects.

Penn’s involvement with a project does not typically end with its development. Penn has a long-history of owning and operating the projects that it develops and looks forward to being a considerate and conscientious member of the community. With quiet, clean operations and no waste, emissions or moving parts, Penn’s solar farms are low-impact projects that produce on-peak renewable energy to power the homes, businesses and schools in the community. The projects are completely sustainable and the power that they produce is infinitely renewable.

Penn is typically seeks to source the resources for the development, construction and operation of their solar farms locally. We are always looking to employ local Ontario residents as well as Ontario vendors, contractors, suppliers, engineers, consultants and others for the development and operations of these projects. If you are a talented and experienced self-starter (or represent a company that fits this description) and want to make a difference in the world, please send us your resume and/or company information. In particular, we are seeking experienced power engineers, civil engineers and people with project management skills from Ontario as well as people with ideas and experience in agricultural operations that might be co-located with the solar farms.

The Penn Group of Companies has been in business for over thirty years and has successfully developed more than fifty innovative projects. The projects have varied, but our commitment to success and to the environmental practices that we employ have not. Penn is focused on developing high-quality projects that increase the quality of life. We look forward to employing the best environmental practices as well as people and companies in Ontario to develop and operate these solar farms. We believe that these projects will help advance the environmental and economic goals of the Province and help Ontario become a leader in the renewable energy industry in North America, bringing jobs, investment and a cleaner environment to Ontario. Please join us.