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Hamilton General Partner 1 Inc
and Hamilton General Partner 2 Inc.
operating as Hamilton Solar Farm Partnership

Hamilton Port Hope-4 Solar Farm Facility

Township of Hamilton, Ontario

Public Consultation

Ontario Energy Board
Commission de l’énergie de l’Ontario


Notice of a Proposal to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project 

Notice of First Public Meeting  

Notice of Final Public Meeting  

Notice of Environmental Registry Posting


Original REA Application Documentation 

REA Application – July 13, 2011

Supporting Documentation:

Project Description Report

Design and Operations Report

Construction Plan Report

Decommissioning Plan Report

Consultation Report

Acoustic Assessment

Alternate Equipment Comparison

Cultural Heritage Screening Results

Archaeological Assessment Report (w/ MTC concurrence letter)

Natural Heritage Assessment and Environmental Impact Study Report:

Part 1 - Records Review

Part 2 - Site Investigation

Part 3 - Evaluation of Significance

Environmental Impact Study

Ministry of Natural Resources confirmation letter

Water Assessment

 Site Plans:

Concept Site Plan with Aerial Photo

Concept Site Plan with Existing Topography


Stormwater Management Report - May 15, 2012

Renewable Energy Approval: 0905-8S7M96 - May 16, 2012


REA Amendment to Update Ownership

REA Amendment - October 15, 2012


REA Amendment to Update Facility Designs

REA Amendment Application - October 22, 2013

REA Amendment - March 4, 2014


REA Amendment to Incorporate SWM Best Practice Measures

Application Form and Modifications Document – Nov 4, 2016

Appendices to Modifications Document Including SWM Report

Post-construction SWM Drawings

REA Amendment - April 12, 2017