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Public Meetings

In accordance with the Renewable Energy Approval Process, Penn is conducting two Public Meetings regarding each project. The Public Meetings are advertised in advance and will be conducted within the municipality where the proposed project is located. Neighboring property owners (within 120 meters of the proposed project as identified by the municipality) will receive a registered letter notifying them of each Public Meeting. In addition, notices of each Public Meeting will also be posted underneath the project heading on the Solar Farm Projects page. The First Public Meeting is to introduce the proposed project to the community and to obtain input from the community regarding the proposal.

After the First Public Meeting, Penn will continue to perform Studies and Consultations regarding the proposed project on an on-going basis. Penn will update the project information under the project heading on the list of Solar Farm Projects by posting the required studies and consultations. Thereafter, Penn will conduct a Second Public Meeting at which it will present its findings regarding the proposed project.

Provided that the studies and consultations and other investigations indicate that the proposed project is feasible and further provided that the OPA has offered the proposed project a contract for the sale of power, Penn will seek final approval for the construction and development of the project.